From innovation to inspiration: ProLIS-Education Version is ready for Chinese Educational Institutes

CASL had taken a site visit to Ningbo in the beginning of September, 2015. The team visited Ningbo Polytechnic and Olymtech Corporation in which Ningbo Polytechnic is one of the leading polytechnics in providing logistics curriculum in China while Olymtech Corporation is delivering cloud based IT solution in logistics industry.

With the collaboration with Ningbo Polytechnic, the CASL product ProLIS-Education Version is ready to bring innovation into Chinese Educational Institutes as well as in the supply chain industry in China.

Meeting with (From left to right) Prof. Liu Zhihui 劉智慧, Ms. Zhou Ya 周亞 (Secretary of Party General Branch), Prof. Zhang Huibo 張慧波 (President of Ningbo Polytechnic), Mr. Mao Dalong 毛大龍, Ms. Cen Yong 岑詠 (Party Committee), Prof. Chen Wentian 沈文天,  Ms. Zhang Lingling 章玲玲, and Ms. Zhang Jinchu 張晉楚 (Project Manager of Ningbo Polytechnic)

From left to right: Dr. KS LI, Prof. Simpson Poon(Honorary President of Ningbo Polytechnic, President Chaiwan IVE, HKVTC), Dr. Migar Tam

CASL Team has visited the International Outsourcing Demonstration Zone of Zhejiang Province, which refers to the areas that gather international outsourcing industries with higher capabilities and effectives. Special thanks to Ms. Zhou Ya for her comprehensive and friendly guide.

Ms. Zhou Ya guides Dr. Migar Tam and Dr. KS Li to visit the International Outsourcing Demonstration Zone of Zhejiang Province.

Another exciting visit is to College Students Business Incubation Park. Great thanks for Ms. Zhang Jinchu’s friendly guide.

Ms. Zhang Jinchu brings CASL Team to visit to College Students Business Incubation Park, Ningbo Polytechnic

After visiting Ningbo Polytechnic, CASL Team goes to their last station in Ningbo, OlymTech Corporation, the leader in delivering cloud-based IT solutions and a vertical business network platform for a large community of international freight forwarders and logistics service providers.


Site visit to Olymtech Corporation. Thanks for Mr. Ken Chen’s invitation.

>From left to right: Dr. Migar Tam, Mr. Ken Chen 陳震洲 (General Manager of Olymtech), Dr. K.S. Li, Prof. Simpson Poon (Honorary President of Ningbo Polytechnic, President Chaiwan IVE, HKVTC), Mr. Roy Chik.



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